Private Party Vehicle Inspections

Are you planning on purchasing a nice used vehicle with your tax return this year? It might be wise to invest a little money into a private party vehicle inspection before you buy. Even if you ended up having to pay for three vehicle inspections before you find the right one, its well worth the money saved on unseen repair bills. An average U.S. Adult pays a yearly maintenance bill of about $400-$500 for their used vehicle. This is standard, but many times people will buy a used vehicle not knowing its in need of expensive repairs.

If you don’t know what you are looking at, and you don’t have a trusted mechanic on speed dial, you can reserve a 30 minute onsite vehicle inspection session, or book an appointment at a participation garage!

Private Party Vehicle Inspections differ from regular State Safety inspections. Private Party Inspections also cover other aspects of a vehicle such as the overall vehicle condition. mechanical health. preventive maintenance. fair market value. You are looking for an unbiased report of the vehicle so that you can decide what best fits your interests. If a vehicle is sub-par upon inspection, we can also help you determine estimated repair bills along with the best way to get your potential vehicle serviced. We can help Keep both your vehicle and budget on par with your expectations.

So if you are unsure or you don’t know. Its worth it to spend a little money on someone who has the knowledge and know how to properly look a vehicle over for private party sales.

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PGM’s Oh My! Palladium at 30 year high! Got Catalytic Converters?

PGM’s Oh My! Palladium at 30 year high! Got Catalytic Converters?

If you haven’t already heard the news. Scrap Catalytic Converters are on the rise. Some of you old timers might remember the rise that lead to the crash of 08-09. It appears today, that Rhodium and Palladium are doing quite well. As of this posting (2/11/2019) Palladium is currently at 1385 USD / Troy Oz dipping slighty off a record high of 1400 USD just last month.  Rhodium is currently happily hovering around 2500 USD / Toy Oz. No where near its record high of 10,000 USD in ’08.

So what does this all mean? The price of complete vehicles should also stay steady or increase slightly.  There is a good chance you might also notice more people actively trying to buy converters online and in your local area. As the street level price starts to rise we might also see more converter theft and associated crime. If you know of anyone actively stealing converters please convince them to stop or inform the police. The few bad apples give everyone in the metal recycling industry a bad name.

Graphic Source: InfoMine Inc.

Wicked Junk at the Oxford Mud Runs Sept 29-30th

Last chance to see Wicked Junk in action this weekend at the Oxford Mud Run. If you are looking for something to do, Go cheer on Doug & Morticia! Adults are $15 and children ages 5-12 just $5. Event starts at 10am. Visit the Oxford Mud Runs Facebook page for directions and more info!

wicked junk oxford mud runs sept 28-29
“Wicked Junk”


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