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Rust Proofing For Salty Maine Winters

Well, that’s why were all here aren’t we, that expensive “V” word. Vehicles are one of the top 5 largest expenses for the average adult.

If you’re here to find a vehicle, fix a vehicle, sell a vehicle, or junk a vehicle, I think we can all agree they cost money. Here are some useful tidbits about vehicles.

Three top reasons vehicles are junked in Maine?

  1. Failed Inspection
  2. Mechanical Damage
  3. Accident Damage

Top Reason Vehicles Fail Inspection?

  1. Rust

Five Steps to get the most Value out of your vehicle.

  1. Buy Smart – Know what you’re doing
  2. Stage 0 Maintenance – Fix what ever is wrong & rust proof it.
  3. Check Fluids – At least once a week, maybe when you fill up at the gas station?
  4. Get Sum MPGs! – I spend about $5,000a year on fuel in my truck – what about you? Maintaining proper tire pressure and keeping off the throttle can really save you some big bucks over the course of a year.
  5. Save on Repairs – Be frugal, but thorough when something needs attention. Don’t be afraid to purchase used parts for your vehicle. The only difference between a new part and a used part is the new part hasn’t been field tested yet.

Preventive Maintenance

The "Maine" reasone vehicles end up in the crusher in Maine is because of the salt they pour on the road. Keeping up on rust prevention will really help your vehicle go the extra mile.


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