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Tell us about your vehicle 24/7 online. Submit at your own ease without answering a million questions over the phone. Upon submitting the vehicle you will receive an e-mail or phone call from us. If you miss our call, don't worry we'll leave a message. We will inform you of the offers for your vehicle. You have the right to accept or decline. If you accept we will discuss payment & recovery methods.

We may also refer you to a local participating business if it better meets your needs. Some cars may be referred to a private party for personal use. We approach every client with flexibility & professionalism in mind. With our equipment & our networking capabilities - you're in good hands.

My Vehicle Failed State Inspection, What do I do?

Fix it or Sell it! Vehicles fail state inspections every day. The best thing for you to do is ask to have the inspection mechanic point out the problems on the vehicle so you can see. This allows you to learn hands on what issues vehicles may have. It gives you the ability to learn to assess the urgency of a repair too. Make sure you keep a copy of the inspection report also in-case you plan to sell it. If the vehicle is irreparable due to rust its a good idea to send it to the junkyard unless you are looking for a new storage shed. Repairable cars usually get a quote on the cost of repairs needed for another inspection sticker. Don't be afraid to shop around on your repairs. You can easily save hundreds if you know how to do it. Visit our vehicle first aid section for more information on repairs and other money saving tips.

Sell Your vehicle to a Junkyard or Private Party For Fixing, Parts, or Scrap Metal.

Time to sever ties and cut your losses? If your vehicle is broken or too dangerous for the road it may be a good idea to get rid of it and start looking for new wheels. What you get for your vehicle will depend on what someone is willing to pay for it. If its worth fixing up you could try selling to the private party market to do better. You can try our classifieds or Uncle Henrys and many other avenues to get your vehicle in front of prospective buyers. If its not worth fixing for the road again expect to take less for it. There used to be a time when you would have to pay someone to take your vehicle away. These days the scrap and used parts markets are strong enough that people will pay you for your unwanted vehicle. The baseline price for a scrap or junk vehicle is 0 to 100+ dollars.

How Much Do People Pay For Junk Cars?

A vehicles real value comes from its ability to be used as a mode of transportation. People get paid more for vehicles that are in working condition or close to it. Once a vehicle is being sold as salvage it is only worth pennies on the dollar. Here is a quick run down based on experiences and examples over the last decade.

Late Model Vehicles (10 years old & newer) - $200-$3,500 is what you can expect from a salvage yard, dealership, private party. Obviously if you have a 5 year old $70,000 king ranch dually with an engine skip in good shape its still worth $20,000 to a used car dealer as a fixer upper. As a complete loss to a parts yard at auction it could easily fetch in the $2,000-$3,500 range as a profitable parts piece for someone.

Vehicles 10+ years old - $0-$300 is what you might expect to receive for your vehicle from a salvage yard or scrap facility. Possibly more if its going to a private party who needs a fixer upper or a good parts donor car. Again this is just a general rule of thumb and all situations are different. This is just a good baseline to go by as of what to expect. If you have a good running low mileage car you may land on the higher end of the scale.


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