"Superior Grading and Pricing"

Business Information
Name: Harvey Metals, Inc.
Address: 41 Capital Avenue,
LIsbon Falls, ME 04252
Phone: 1-207-353-5865
Business Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM
Saturday 9AM-3PM
Website: http://www.harveymetals.com/
Email: info@harveymetals.com
Buy Junk Cars: No
Payments Method: Check
Buy Catalytic Converters: Yes
Scale: Yes - Pad certified by state of Maine
Sell Used Parts: No
Metal Recycling: Yes - All Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals
Items Purchased: Wheels, Batteries, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, eScrap, Radiators, Zinc/Die Cast, Engines & Transmissions, Starters, Altenators, AC Pumps, Rotors, Catalytic Convertors, Loose Brick, Steel, Light Iron & More.